Boletim da Faculdade de Direito is a century old law journal (March 1914- ) that ranks among the oldest law publications still alive in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The Boletim came about by the same time when the Legal Institute was created. In a spirit of openness to national and international legal scholarship, the journal was primarily designed to mirror Coimbra Law Faculty members’ research work.

 Upon the reestablishment of the Legal Institute in 2013 as Coimbra Law Faculty’s Research and Development Unit, the Boletim came to be edited again under the auspices of the Legal Institute.

 Some of Portuguese top legal scholars have been part of the Editorial Board with the ambition of entertaining an ongoing dialogue with their peers. As a result of such efforts, the Boletim has served as an international academic forum for legal scholarship.

 The Boletim welcomes wide-ranging legal articles penned by scores of both national and foreign authors (Spanish, Germans, French and Brazilian, in particular), ranging from prominent scholars and judges to young law and social sciences scholars. All articles are subjected to a rigorous editorial process. This policy has contributed to assert the Boletim  internationally as a prestigious brand among the legal publications in Portuguese.

Due to the wide-ranging scope of the Boletim as a legal publication, the articles are sorted out into two main different sections. The “Doctrine” section comprises in-depth studies on an important area of the law. The “Writings” section is reserved for shorter essays and working papers. For future memory, Institutional speeches and relevant information reflecting the vibrant academic life of the Faculty of Law appear at the end.