IGC may provide technical support, including conducting legal research, legislative drafting and participation in independent external evaluation missions of projects and entities. These may be requested by public bodies (ministries, schools, courts, etc.) and private (companies, associations, foundations, NGOs, etc.), civil and military, national and international.

The opinions expressed by the authors of the studies and other instruments of technical support are of their exclusive responsibility and do not reflect any institutional position of IGC.


  • Constitutional Law
    . organisation of political power
    . constitutional jurisdiction
    . parliamentary law and electoral law
  • Public International Law
    . international treaties
    . international responsibility
    . international trade
    . law of the sea
    . international criminal law
    . European Union law
  • Human Rights

    . equality and non-discrimination
    . access to justice
    . freedom of expression and of the media
    . freedom of thought, conscience and religion
    . right to health
    . right to work
    . right to education
    . rights of the child
    . right to nationality
    . migrations, asylum and refugees
    . transitional justice
    . transitional processes and post-conflict reconstruction
    . peace processes
    . mediation and conflict resolution
    . human rights within the UN system
    . human rights education
    . social rights and public management