With regard to seminars and conferences, the “Autumn Conferences”, which were first organised in 2001, shall be highlighted. These Conferences are held every year, and are usually dedicated to a particularly relevant thematic in every year’s international agenda in the area of human rights. Below, you may find the events of scientific nature organised by the IGC since 1997.


25th May | Cartaz | Programa

  • Open Class "The Situation in the Middle East and its Impact in Regional Security and Human Rights"

10th December

  • Presentation of the Manual “Understanding Human Rights: Manual on Human Rights Education”, Library of the Portuguese Parliament.

28th October

  • Workshop "The Participatory Democracy in the Ideal and Practices of the Metropolitan Community Church in São Paulo: Inner-circle Overview" (Workshop "A Democracia Participativa no Ideal e nas Práticas da Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana em São Paulo: Panorama Intramuros")

18th June

  • Workshop "Social Rights, Education, Management and Control" (Direitos Sociais, Educação, Gestão e Controlo)

7th May | Poster / Programme

  • Workshop "Human Rights, Ethics and Sports" (Direitos Humanos, Ética e Desporto)

23rd April | Poster / Programme

  • Colloquium "Social Rights, Public Management and Financial Control” (Colóquio Direitos Sociais, Gestão Pública e Controlo Financeiro)

15th January

  • Workshop " A discourse analysis between knowledge and power of sexual criminality in international law” (Uma análise do discurso entre saberes e poderes da criminalização sexual no direito internacional)


10th December | Poster / Programme

13rd March | Poster / Programme

  • Conference: "Social Rights, Public Management and Financial Control” (Conferência Direitos Sociais, Gestão Pública e Controlo Financeiro)


11th and 12th October | Poster / Programme

  • 1st Crimmigration International Conference
    Social Control and Justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear

19 October | Poster / Programme

  • Congresso ADEE 26 anos
    "Desafios Futuros para a União Europeia"

4 Dezember | Programme / Poster

  •   IDN - National Defense Institute International Seminar
    "Gender-based Violence in Armed Conflicts"


18 October | Autumn Conference | European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Poster / Programme

  • Debate: "Trafficking in Human Beings" (Tráfico de Seres Humanos) (co-organised by Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género, Programa Qualificar é Crescer, Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional, European Social Fund, Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings, Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra and by IGC.).


25 February | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Debate: “Communication and Freedoms” (Comunicação e Liberdades)

30 September | Poster | Programme | Poster of the Concert

  • International Debate: from the Virtue and Fortune of the Republic to the Post-National Republicanism (Colóquio Internacional: Da Virtude e Fortuna da República ao Republicanismo Pós-Nacional)
    (Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic)
  • Speech in honour of the Candidate to the Doctorate Degree Professor John A. G. Pocock, by Professor Rui Cunha Martins


18 March | Poster | Programme

  • Seminar “Family, Conscience, Secularism and Religion” (Família, Consciência, Secularismo e Religião)
    (Acção Integrada Luso-Espanhola Nº E-12/07 - Project: "Juridical Status of the Religious Minorities in Portugal and Spain”).


13 March | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: "Refugees and Immigration: new challenges for Human Rights" (Refugiados e Imigração: Os novos desafios para os Direitos Humanos)

2 October | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: “The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of the European Integration” (O Tratado de Lisboa e o Futuro da Integração Europeia) (co-organised by the European Parliament´s Cabinet in Portugal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal, the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra and the IGC)

10 December | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: “Medicine and Human Rights” (A Medicina e os Direitos Humanos)
    (Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


22 to 24 September

  • Organisation of the annual meeting of the European Group for Private International Law, in Coimbra, at the initiative of Professor Moura Ramos, member of this international group.
    Programme | Final Document


24 January

  • Conference: “Corporate Ethics” (Ética Empresarial), by Artur Santos Silva, President of the Portuguese Investment Bank (Banco Português de Investimento - BPI), followed by the signature of the cooperation protocol between Ius Gentium Conimbrigae and BPI

11 March

  • Conference: “The Realisation of Fundamental Rights in the limit of the tension between Democracy and Constitutionalism” (A Realização dos Direitos Fundamentais no limite da tensão entre Democracia e Constitucionalismo), by Professor Lenio Luiz Streck, University do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil.

7 and 8 October

  • Conference: "The Status of International Treaties on Human Rights", European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission) | Programme

7 December | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: "Terrorism and Human Rights" (Terrorismo e Direitos Humanos)


9 December | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights” (Direitos Económicos, Sociais e Culturais)


24 April | Programme

  • Conference: "European Citizenship: Evaluation and Perspectives" (Cidadania Europeia Balanço e Perspectivas)

20 November | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Debate: "The Rights of Citizens with Disabilities" (Direitos do Cidadão com Deficiência)


21 February | Programme

  • Conferência: "Partnership, Networking and Human Rights Education"

27 September | Programme

  • Conference: “The International Criminal Court and National Jurisdiction” (O Tribunal Penal Internacional e a Jurisdição Nacional)

14 November | Autumn Conference | Programme | Poster

  • Debate: “World Civil Society and Human Rights” (Sociedade Civil Mundial e Direitos Humanos)


16 March | Programme

  • Conference: “Women´s Human Rights: Law, Reality, Different Perspectives” (Direitos Humanos das Mulheres: Direito, Realidade, Vários Olhares)

6 December | Autumn Conference | Poster | Programme

  • Conference: “The Rights of the Child in Portugal and in the Globalised World” (Os Direitos da Criança em Portugal e no Mundo Globalizado)
  • Seminar: “The 500 Years of the discovery of Brazil — Portugal and Brazil in the Year 2000”
  • Seminar: “The Juridical statute of Lusophony
  • Seminar: “International Seminar About the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries”
  • Seminar about the “Inclusion of the Other” (A Inclusão do Outro), about extradition and asylum | Programme